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Great choice of clothes


Leanne T.

Added: 2017-05-23 20:52:06

Lovely colourful clothing. Easy to use and find what I wanted


Ruth M

Added: 2017-05-01 21:26:34

I was really pleased to find a retailer who stocks a range of scandinavian brands, at such a good price. The delivery was amazingly quick, and the clothes looked and felt even nicer than expected. Very pleased and would highly recommend.

Anna Britten

Added: 2017-04-07 19:07:34

Fantastic value, exactly what I've been looking for and in correct size.

Amy R

Added: 2017-03-22 20:48:05

Reliable and helpful. Thank you for going out of your way to get me the product that I really wanted.


Alexandria N

Added: 2017-03-14 09:18:32

Item I wanted and a discount code

Alice G

Added: 2017-03-14 09:17:05

Good range of clothing and have previously shopped with you

Alexis P

Added: 2017-03-14 09:16:21

You replied to my fb post on the Scandi feed and encouraged me with your friendly 5% off. Thank you!


Natasha R

Added: 2017-03-14 09:15:46

Have the fun prints I like for my boys

Harriet H.

Added: 2017-02-02 11:49:59

As a result of the excellent service that you provide on my last purchase.  You went above and beyond to provide consumer satisfaction and I thank you for that


Rebecca B.

Added: 2017-01-31 21:40:54

Always a good service, and great quality clothes!

Helen G

Added: 2017-01-31 21:40:12

Saw an item in good discount, suitable size to my child or possible gift to a friend

Pirita P.

Added: 2017-01-08 22:22:05

Such a lovely range of clothing, great pricing, fabulous service and delivery. What else can I add? I also prefer to purchase from independents, WAHMs, Etsy and so forth rather than "big" companies.
I love the way that hovering over an item shows what sizes it's available in on the one page. I really really like that feature .


Lisa S.

Added: 2017-01-03 12:55:34


Amy A.

Added: 2016-12-30 10:09:53

I can pay easily with PayPal

Yvonne A.

Added: 2016-12-28 18:17:06

Quality product at excellent price.


Added: 2016-12-28 18:16:37

Good prices in the sale and lovely brands  Really easy website, fast PayPal checkout, and free delivery - will be back I'm sure!


Claire G

Added: 2016-12-28 18:16:11

Speedy delivery, great customer service, villervalla and decent prices

Therese L.

Added: 2016-11-23 22:38:15

Only place in U.K. with harvesters!


Laura J.

Added: 2016-11-20 21:11:17

Good value

Dionne A.

Added: 2016-11-18 15:53:13

Cool gift


Sarah S.

Added: 2016-11-18 15:52:40

I liked the product - villervalla mittens with reflective gloves. They suited my needs. 

Jay H.

Added: 2016-11-14 14:23:11

Good product

David Z

Added: 2016-10-31 21:07:53

Prefer buying villavalla from a large dedicated stockist.

Tonya U.

Added: 2016-10-09 17:07:30

Service is great and love villervalla. I want to support the Indies as much as I can

Emily B.

Added: 2016-10-09 17:06:58

Found some interesting items at a good price to stash

Aisling W.

Added: 2016-10-09 17:06:19

Good quality, good service, and good price


Einat S

Added: 2016-08-08 22:53:46

Lots of Villervalla which I can't seem to get hold of anywhere
Nice easy to navigate website. Just wish there was more in 18-24 age range.

Holly F

Added: 2016-08-01 21:47:03

I love the new website where you can see sizes just by hovering over the item:) Well done!

Sofia L

Added: 2016-07-24 21:49:17

Wide range of sun hats and that is what I wanted to buy on this occasion

Rachel M

Added: 2016-07-24 21:48:47

Fab sale again :)


Charlene E

Added: 2016-07-01 21:25:05

I am able to buy good quality, colourful clothes for my child that's not particularly gender biased.


Katie A

Added: 2016-07-01 21:24:26

Love the new website:)

Tonya U

Added: 2016-07-01 21:23:59

Wanted that top for ages.  Nice and simple. Love free postage. I only buy if I can pay on PayPal.

Claudia B

Added: 2016-07-01 21:23:22

You were selling an item I have been looking for for ages at a really good price. Quick and easy to order and pay


Nicola W-D

Added: 2016-07-01 21:22:31

Love Villervalla and great range


Jessica L-S

Added: 2016-07-01 21:21:56

I love Villervalla...bright colours and great quality. Excellent service at Impkids

Clare H

Added: 2016-07-01 21:20:42

Fabulous value and quality, also amazing prints. Very user friendly, love shopping at Impkids.


Sarah C

Added: 2016-07-01 21:19:54

Bought before and loved the quality and sizes. Unique products. Love the vibrant colours.

Christine B

Added: 2016-07-01 21:19:17

Fast, effecient and reliable

Alex N

Added: 2016-07-01 21:18:51

Originally heard about you Liz from the loveforthescandi FB page

Hannah M

Added: 2016-07-01 21:17:45

Excellent selection of Villavalla and good reductions in sale. Website very user friendly.


Susannah M

Added: 2016-07-01 21:16:57

Great design, quality and stylish.  Quick,efficient delivery, communication and service. I'm glad I discovered your company and would highly recommend. 5*


Andrea B

Added: 2016-07-01 21:12:51

Easily navigated website and excellent prices.  I had a query re sizing, asked question on fb page, on a sunday, and got an almost immediate reply. Fantastic service x


Heather M

Added: 2016-07-01 21:12:09

Great products and great value for money. Always quick delivery and excellent customer service. I have been recommending you far and wide. My new favourite retailer! Also has the seal of approval from my very picky child.


Keren B

Added: 2016-07-01 21:11:26

Great selection.  Love the free uk postage Site layout very good and easy to use

Sarah S

Added: 2016-07-01 21:10:30

I only wanted a specific shade of Villervalla tights but the sale was too good to resist :) Website super easy to use on phone


Isobel M

Added: 2016-07-01 21:09:51

Have been shopping with you for a few years now, and have always found the products and customer service to be second to none. Always brilliant service, and will keep shopping with you, for as long as the grandchildren keep multiplying!!


Helen G

Added: 2016-07-01 21:08:58

Love Villervalla colours and you have a sale on :-) 

Rachel S

Added: 2016-07-01 09:56:12